Stacy & David - Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer -Elopement

Stacy & David’s Intimate Sunset Wedding – Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer

I first met Stacy & David in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, for the engagement session they had won. I had a contest on my Facebook business page, asking couples to tell me their proposal stories, and this lucky couple won! I knew from the moment that I met them, I would love them! They are so sweet, hilarious, and just generally fun to be around. It also helped that we share a love for tattoos. During their session, they told me about the backyard/elopement style wedding they had planned on a Tuesday in August. I loved hearing how they planned the timing of the ceremony. They sat on their porch one day, and waited for the most perfect sunset light, and that is when they knew the exact time they wanted to be married! Not long after putting up sneak peeks of their engagement session, Stacy reached out about how they had to have as their wedding photographer, and I am so glad they did!!

When I drove the hour south to get to their families property in West Farmington, it was storming bad. I was so worried! But, as I got closer, the skies opened up and even a rainbow appeared as I was pulling down the driveway! Did I mention I got to ride on the back of a 4-wheeler at this wedding? YES!! I had to check out the beautiful ceremony site before the wedding, and that was the quickest way there! The ceremony was set along side a beautiful pond, and just under a gorgeous willow tree. Now, remember how I told you about those earlier storms? They gave us the most amazing sunset skies!!

Just before the ceremony, Stacy’s mom talked about how different life was just a year prior. You see, a little over a year ago, they all lost just about everything in a house fire. Lighting struck their porch, and burned the house almost completely down. So, to see this amazing couple and family rise from the ashes and build a new life together, and plan the most beautiful wedding, well it is inspiring. Good hearted, down to earth, amazing people.

Now it was time for the wedding! Stacy’s dad drove her over in style, in his restored old Jeep(it is so cool!!). A friend sang and played the guitar. The weather was perfect, and even gave us enough time before dark to get some amazing images of the couple. An amazing elopement feel from this wedding evening. After the ceremony, everyone gathered back at the house(rebuilt since the fire), for some hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and cake. I wish I could say that I photographed their reception as well, but they had that about a month later and I was already booked with another wedding. SO grateful to have met this amazing couple, and capture their beautiful wedding day for them!!

Stacy & David - Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer -Elopement
Stacy & David – Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer -Elopement

Stacy & David 8/21/18Stacy & David 8/21/18Stacy & David 8/21/18Stacy & David 8/21/18Stacy & David 8/21/18Stacy & David 8/21/18Stacy & David 8/21/18Stacy & David 8/21/18Stacy & David 8/21/18Stacy & David 8/21/18Stacy & David 8/21/18 -2


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Florist: A.H. Christiansons Floral Design Studio

19 thoughts on “Stacy & David’s Intimate Sunset Wedding – Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer”

  1. I LOVE the ceremony shots from this wedding, and the fact that she rolled up in her Jeep as “something blue.”


  2. What a beautiful location for a Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer. Sounds like the couple had the perfect day. Your images are gorgeous!!


  3. You are such a talented Ohio Wedding Photographer. Your pictures of the whole wedding were amazing and the bride’s tattoo’s look fantastic.


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