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First look, traditional, or something unique? Ideas for your wedding, from other weddings! – Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer

In today’s day and age, there is something new brides and grooms have to decide upon for their wedding day..Will they do a first look? For those who have no idea what I am talking about, a first look is somewhat of a new thing, so don’t worry. A first look on a wedding day is a moment, usually set up by your photographer before the ceremony, where the groom sees the bride for the first time (or groom/groom or bride/bride, but you get the picture). It is a private moment (at least it should be) between the couple, with the photographer there to capture the reactions and emotion.

There are many pros of doing a first look, versus going for more of the traditional approach of the groom seeing his bride for the first time coming down the ails, and no cons honestly. From a photographers stand point, a first look is a dream! It makes for a smooth wedding day, with plenty of time for photos even before the ceremony, so we are not as rushed between the ceremony and the reception. Take Chelsea & Ben, for example. This couple planned it out to perfection! They did a first look in the same spot that Ben had proposed, how romantic is that?! We then were able to get some great shots of just the two of them, along the way to the ceremony & reception site. They had their immediate family and bridal party ready for photos before the ceremony even happened. So, after the ceremony, they were able to go right in to the reception and party the night away!



What is another great thing about a first look? It calms the nerves! For those who have anxiety, or get nervous in front of a lot of people, seeing the love of their life privately before they say I DO can be such a relief on the big day. And, there are many ways to plan out the first look as well. If you don’t mind some people watching, you can do it like Kim & Jerry did, in the lobby of the hotel they got ready at. Afterwards, we were able to get all of their bridal party photos and ones of just the couple. So, after the ceremony, we only had the family portraits to get done before the reception.


Want an alternative solution, where you still have the traditional look of coming down the aisle but still get to be in the presence of your love before the ceremony? You can follow in the footsteps of Carly & Jeffrey! These two had written personal vows to each other, but wanted to read them privately together and save the traditional vows for the ceremony, but also not see each other. So, I scoured the church basement and found a spot that they could be together, but not see each other. What an emotional, and beautiful moment it was. They even brought their photographer to tears.


You could also be like Natalie & Jeff! These two met in private, even without me, before the ceremony. No first look photos, but just a private moment alone. Jeff then walked his own bride down the aisle at Gervasi Vineyard.


If you don’t think a first look is for you, and you want the traditional way of you two seeing each other while coming down the aisle, do it! No one way is the right way. It is YOUR wedding day, do it how you want to do it. But, now you know there are plenty of options. Wondering what we did on our wedding day? My husband is more traditional, and he wanted to see me first when I was walking down the aisle. And I would not change a thing! Here are some more traditional weddings below, and the groom seeing his bride for the first time.



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