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Children’s Lake Session – Northeast Ohio Family Photographer

About a week ago, I traveled to Chesterland, Ohio, for a session of brothers and cousins. This session was planned by their mother’s, as a surprise for the boys’ grandparents. You see, their grandparent’s house is just around the corner from this beautiful lake, and this beach is a place the whole family has loved spending time at over the years. The perfect spot for a photo session in Northeast Ohio! I love when families have sentimental locations for their sessions!

We did the traditional poses, the candids, and even the ones the kids will be embarrassed by when they are older. But, what fun we had!! Don’t worry, no child was harmed during the pool noodle fight! Boys will be boys, right?

If you are interested in a family or mini session with me, contact me by filling out a booking form on my website Lindsay Dawn Photography. I would love to work with you and your family! I am not just a Northeast Ohio wedding photographer, I also love working with local families.

Northeast Ohio Family Photographer
Northeast Ohio Family Photographer


Lindsay Dawn Photography

Taking the Term Lady Boss to a Whole New Level – Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer

This past Saturday, this Northeast Ohio wedding photographer took on four roles in one day. You see, not only was it my mom’s wedding day, but also my son’s prom night. So, in one day, I was the:

  1. Daughter of the bride
  2. Wedding photographer
  3. Prom mom
  4. Prom photographer

And I killed it, walked in to the day with my Lady Boss face on, and I crushed it! I even managed to get in some of the wedding and prom photos, thanks to my husband who is also my wedding assistant. Was it difficult at times? Yes. But, I am a mom, and we know how to lady up. I cried during the ceremony, but through those tears I nailed the photos. My dinner got cold as I took prom photos, but it was re-heated and still tasted amazing. Thanks to my cousin’s boyfriend, and a quick tutorial from myself, I was even in my family’s big group shot. Some days are crazy and chaotic, but I think that is why I love what I do. I can think quickly on my feet, and make it all happen.

Mr. & Mrs. Burger - Northeast Ohio Wedding
Mr. & Mrs. Burger – Northeast Ohio Wedding




The wedding day was perfect, from the gorgeous flowers to the beautiful cake, and of course the wonderful couple. I have never seen my mom so happy, she was glowing all day!

Yes, my poor son had to wear a suit ALL day LOL. He was an usher in his grandma’s wedding, and then it was his prom night. Look at how handsome he is!! And his date, so gorgeous and sweet! I was honored to take photos of them, and of my son’s best friend and his date. I even got myself in some of the photos, and my husband. Proud parent moments for us for sure!

Madison High School - 2018 Prom - Northeast Ohio
Madison High School – 2018 Prom – Northeast Ohio


It was a long day. But a beautiful one!! I feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life, and that I get to capture it all. Take the photos, all of the photos! Look at the one below, myself with my daughter, mother, and grandmother. Four generations. Not a lot of people get to have this kind of photo, and relationships with such amazing women, but if you do, take the photos!

Four generations - Northeast Ohio Wedding
Four generations – Northeast Ohio Wedding

Now, look at the happy couple! So in love, and so blessed to have found each other! How did they meet? You will have to wait for their official wedding blog in a few weeks!

Mr. & Mrs. Burger - Northeast Ohio Wedding
Mr. & Mrs. Burger – Northeast Ohio Wedding




Oh look, it’s snowing, AGAIN! Let’s make the best of it..My favorite Northeast Ohio portraits in the snow!

It is April 17, 2018. It is a Tuesday. It is tax day. It is someone’s birthday, heck it is someone’s wedding day somewhere! It is also snowing…again!! OVER IT!!! OK, I know that this is Northeast Ohio, and it can snow at any time. BUT, it has been snowing since October, and we are SO OVER IT!! I mean seriously, it has been six whole months of this stuff. The daffodils are coming up, and they want to bloom damn it! We want sunshine, vitamin D! But instead, I am watching this snow accumulate on my Kia. Freaking winter wonderland outside my kitchen window! OK, end rant. Enjoy some of my most favorite Northeast Ohio photo sessions in the snow. Yup, we embraced it at the time. But come on people, it is mid-April, it is time for SPRING! Well, let’s make the best of it, enjoy the portraits in the snow!

We had some weddings…..






Northeast Ohio Snow Portraits
Northeast Ohio Snow Portraits

And some engagements….







This engagement was from the first snowfall in Northeast Ohio!



We even had some maternity sessions in the snow!








And last, but not least, even a senior session!


Here in Northeast Ohio, we have no choice but to embrace the snow. Do we hate it, especially by mid-April? Absolutely! Do we have every right to complain about it? YES!! But, let’s choose to see the silver lining…We can and do make beautiful portraits in it!! So, in conclusion, let us all agree that snow accumulating in April does suck. But, think of it this way…It can’t last through June right? Come on Mother Nature, it is almost wedding season! Get it together!!

Lindsay Dawn Photography

Places I went….

Squire’s Castle

Gervasi Vineyard

The Lake House Inn

Lakeshore Reservation Park

Downtown Willoughby

Sugar Pines Farm

Hidden Valley Park

Punderson State Park

The Matchworks Building

Brides & Grooms, Do Your Research. Advise from a Northeast Ohio Wedding Photographer

I am a member of a pretty amazing group on Facebook, it’s called Northeast Ohio Wedding Resale. The group was formed by some pretty awesome photographers from Brass Key Photography, based right out of Northeast Ohio. Thanks to this group, a local “photographer” was caught using stolen images on his website, used to attract clients. This “company,” called Bou-Jai Studios, stole images from local photographers, online stock images, wedding catalogs, and even from a National Geographic photographer, and passed them off on their website as their own. Disgusting, I know. Sadly, this happens all the time. Since being exposed, they have taken all of their images down. You can view more about this subject on a website called Stop Stealing Photos, and can view the post here Bou-Jai Studios in Cuyahoga Falls.

Why am I telling you all about this? There are many reasons. First off, I want to expose this company so no one else is scammed by them. We all know how much of your hard earned money goes in to real professional portraits and wedding photos. No one deserves to be scammed by false hope, misrepresentation, or thieves in general.  Secondly, to expose this so called company for what they are. They stole other artists work. Work that they put their heart and soul in to, their own sweat and tears, and their own hard earned money. Lastly, I want you all to do your research when looking for your photographer. What kind of research? I will get in to that in my next paragraph.


I know that a budget is a huge deciding factor when looking for a photographer, especially for a wedding. For me, being a wedding photographer, that was the largest part of our budget. I knew that these images were so important, ones that I want my grandchildren to look at one day. I knew I had to hire a true, honest, and talented photographer. The saying holds true, you do get what you pay for. So please, do not diminish your big day, by hiring just anybody because they will do it cheap. Either you are going to get scammed, or your photos will not be what they could be. Maybe they will, but it is a huge risk for such an important event.


Always meet your potential wedding photographer! If they decline a meeting, run! Meet up with them, ask to see prints of their work, and always ask to see a few wedding galleries. WHOLE wedding day galleries! Do not just trust the pretty photos that they have on their website, or social media. As in the case I talked about earlier, had couples met with that company and asked to see the whole gallery from any of their images, they would have known they were scammers. Also, by viewing an entire gallery, you are seeing how capable the photographer is in all conditions. Not all locations have the best light, sometimes the bride is getting ready in a dark basement and the photographer needs to know how to handle the light situation, just as in an up-lit reception.


Another great idea is to look at their reviews. Yes, there are not so nice people in the world that leave horrible reviews that have not even worked with the photographer(sadly it happens), but there are a lot of amazing and real clients that leave amazing reviews. You can view my Facebook reviews here, Lindsay Dawn Photography. And look at the photographers responses to those reviews as well.


My final thought on this is to ask your potential photographer about styled photos. There is nothing wrong with being a part of a styled shoot, but there is a huge difference between those and a real wedding day, where you cannot control the elements. Below is from an amazing styled shoot I was a part of while in Baltimore. Is it gorgeous? Yes!Is it a real couple? Yes! But, all elements could be controlled and were planned by professionals in the industry. I have blogged about styled shoots before, you can find it here:  Styled Shoot.


I hope you found this helpful while searching for your Northeast Ohio Wedding & Portrait Photographer. Happy planning!!!

Lindsay Dawn Photography



Northeast Ohio Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Thanks for joining me, and thanks for being patient as I set up my new blog! As you may have noticed, my new website was launched in January, but the blog section took much longer. Now, I am so excited to share with you all of my Northeast Ohio weddings, seniors, engagements and more! You will now be able to keep up to date with all of my adventures! Next up: The AKP Retreat in New Orleans! Yup, all of us lady bosses will be taking over NOLA later this March, and I could not be more excited!

Taken by:April Mobley of April B Photography Edited by myself

The image of myself above was taken at the last AKP Retreat, in Destin, FL, by the talented April Mobley of April B Photography. April was my roommate in our gorgeous Destin rental house, and I had a blast getting to know her. I had the time of my life in Destin, making new friends and continuing to educate myself through lectures, styled shoots, and taking head shots for each other and our photography businesses. Meet some of my friends below!

While you wait to see my adventures from NOLA, check back to see all of my recent work! I can’t wait to show you all I have in store for 2018 here in Northeast Ohio and beyond!


“We are making photographs to understand what our loves mean to us.”  -Ralph Hattersley